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News Articles From 2007

Clouds Clear For Everest Escapade (Blue Mountains Gazette) Part A | Part B

Teen Everest Tradgedy (New Idea) Part A | Part B

They Aimed For The Top (Penrith Star)

Boy's Own Adventures (Penrith Star)

The Will To Climb (Western Weekender)

News Articles from 2006

Youngsters Bid To Conquer Mount Everest (April 18)

Ultimate Conquest (March 21)

Aussie Teen's Dream To Conquer Worlds Highest Peak (Age - March 7)

Spanish Article (March 7)

Teen's Lofty Dream

Novel Success For First Timer

Facing Uphill Battle (January 10)

News Articles From 2005

Climber's Milestone, Penrith Press

HANGING TOUGH! Scotland Sunday Herald News
Article (May) '05

Australian Geographic Article (Jan - March '05)

Penrith Press News Article (April '05)

Past News Articles

Peak Of Ambition Part I (Main Photo)

Peak of Ambition Part II (Article)

Taking adventure to greater heights, Penrith Press

Historic Climb By 12-yr-old

Big Achievement by New South Wales boy

Christopher Harris stands on top of Mt Cook

Christopher Harris stands on top of Mt Cook Pt II

12-yr-old yet to reach the summit of his ambitions

(Article Photo)

High Life

Just 12 and with his sights set on Everest

Scaling the heights of ambition

Sky's the limit

The skies the limit - (DMAG Article)

Other News

"Totally Wild"

Christopher was recently filmed by Channel Ten for segment on the a show called Totally Wild, it is due to be screened in the next month or so keep eye out on the news collum of this sight for the actual date. Below are some pictures of the film shoot that took place at Mount Portal at Glenbrook in the Blue Mountains.

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