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The Six Foot Track

On the 24th and 25th August 2002 Christopher Harris completed his challenge of walking over 84 kilometres in forty-eight hours by walking from Katoomba to Jenolan Caves and Back.

He and his father set of at five thirty, on Saturday morning from Katoomba and made Jenolan Caves around four-thirty that afternoon after walking over 42km, But they didn’t stop there they turned around and walked a further eight kilometres to Black Range camp.

It was six thirty when they got to camp and after walking for over an hour in darkness they set up camp and rested for the night. Sunday morning saw them rise early and before seven AM they were back on the Six Foot track heading back to Katoomba, they now had just thirty-four kilometres to go. At four thirty that afternoon they made there way up the last of the steep steps at Nellies Glenn to complete their walk in just thirty-five hours.


Over 84 kilometres was covered in 35 hours, average overall speed 2.4km per hour. This includes time spent sleeping.

Actual walking time 13 hours on Saturday 9.5 hours on Sunday totalling 22.5 hours making the average actual walking speed 3.73 km per hour.


On the 23rd August 03 Christopher will attempt to walk / Run 100km in 24 hours on The Great North Trek.


Christopher and Richard commenced walking in complete darkness at fifteen minutes past five on the morning of Saturday 30th August 03. The plan was to walk at a fast pace and run a kilometre or two when they felt like it, reality was that they only ended up running a total of five kilometres. They took it easy for the first fifty kilometres but made the most of their reasonably fresh state and completed it in nine hours and fifteen minutes averaging around six kilometres per hour including food breaks.

The next twenty-five kilometres proved to be the slowest and toughest as stiffness and a pain set in. Darkness fell at about the sixty-kilometre mark and on a rocky track the next few kilometres were slow. But as the track improved and they adjusted to walking in the darkness with only the beam of light from their Petzl headlights to guide them the pace improved, and with weary legs and a few blisters they managed to keep a pace of around five kilometres an hour in the darkness.

And even though they didn’t run a single kilometre in the last fifty they completed the hundred kilometres in a total of nineteen hours and fifty-six minutes.

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